Proline CRANE & BORER mounted on a Scania
5/10 ton proline continuous slewing crane . Licenced up to 60 ton.

The Proline Borer
Excelent for drilling up to 3.6m
Standard 250 - 600 mm Auger sizes available
Other sizes can be arranged subject to terrain soil and rock types
crane crane crane

RPL Crane Services has been operating for 14 years .
The crane and borer service we provde specialises in removing and installing power poles .

Providing a high standard of Safety before during and after work .
The Crane is always certified and inspected daily .
Our crane operators and dogman are well trained and fully licenced.
All insurances all training certificates are current .
We can provide a site inspection if required. A precheck on site before start can be accommodated .

INSURANCE: High Risk HRW 068323

24hr. Service / 6 days a week (exc Sunday)

Call RPL: 0418 672 546 or
email us now