We are proud to offer a mobile plant with experienced, authorised crane operators specialising in Installation and removal of power poles. Our transport also have provisions to carry a pole up to 11m.
Our service is available to the commercial and private sectors.

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our Services

Our services have a team of Certified workers. We regularly carry out our work with other contractors in electrical industry projects. Our role is providing overhead support during  maintenance, removal, relocation or installation of power poles. Our team holds the power pole in place with our specialized crane trucks to minimise the risk of danger as other contractors carry out their work.

Our services also include securing power poles while underground maintenance is performed for local councils and private contractors.

Our reliability, plus having suitably qualified operators as well as industry compliance allows our primary contractors to also offer reliability and professionalism with their projects.

We are fully licensed and insured.
CONTRACT LICENCE: N-0371621/1 INSURANCE: High Risk HRW 068323